1. M7 REMOTE Electric Trolley
    M7 REMOTE Electric Trolley [2020]

    Remote control technology combined with cutting-edge M-Series functionality

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  2. NEW M5 GPS Electric Trolley
    M5 GPS Electric Trolley [2020]

    Integrated GPS, responsive touchscreen and game-enhancing features

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  3. NEW M3 PRO DHC Electric Trolley
    M3 PRO DHC Electric Trolley [2020]

    Adds Downhill Control and an electronic parking brake to the M3 PRO

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  4. NEW M3 PRO Electric Trolley
    M3 PRO Electric Trolley [2020]

    Extensive features include three distance measurements, clock and charging port

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  5. NEW M1 Electric Trolley
    M1 Electric Trolley [2020]

    The perfect introduction to the M-Series range now includes enhanced features

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  6. NEW M-TECH Bag
    M-TECH Bag [2020]

    Luxury styling that perfectly complements the M-TECH trolley

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  7. NEW HydroFLEX Golf Bag
    HydroFLEX Bag [2020]

    Award-winning waterproof stand bag that fits on any Motocaddy trolley

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  8. Pro-Series Golf Bag
    Pro-Series Bag [2020]

    Premium materials, stylish design, generous pockets & jumbo putter-well

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