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Motocaddy Videos

  • 2016 S1 Electric Trolley Following an extensive upgrade for 2016, the brand new S1 incorporates a number of improvements including a soft-touch ergonomic handle; low-profile, quick-release wheels; a streamlined battery tray; and the super-fast QUIKFOLD assembly mechanism.
  • 2016 S3 PRO Electric Trolley The new look S3 PRO has been given a modern update, including a soft-touch ergonomic handle, streamlined battery tray and user-friendly hi-resolution colour screen; making it even easier for golfers to take advantage of the wide-range of functions on offer.
  • 2017 S1 DHC Electric Trolley Offering all the features of the standard S1, the additional 'DHC' (Downhill Control) functionality means that your trolley will also maintain a constant speed whilst travelling down hills - even on the steepest of slopes. The S1 DHC can also boast an easy-to-use electronic parking brake.
  • 2017 S5 CONNECT Electric Trolley The most technologically advanced product in the Motocaddy range and a world ‘first’ in the trolley sector. The new S5 CONNECT can be linked to the fully-featured Motocaddy GPS App via a Bluetooth™ connection on any compatible smartphone; allowing the trolley’s digital display to be used in place of a conventional GPS.
  • Introducing EASILOCK™ by Motocaddy Following extensive research and development, we are delighted to announce the introduction of EASILOCK™ technology - the easiest bag and trolley connection system on the market.
  • Introducing QUIKFOLD by Motocaddy Available on all current S-Series trolleys, the exclusive Motocaddy QUIKFOLD system is widely seen as the quickest and easiest assembly mechanism available on the market. Hit the course in record time.
  • M1 PRO Electric Trolley The compact-folding M1 PRO electric trolley has a new style frame and three-point folding system developed to make the M1 PRO trolley over 40% smaller than its S-Series counterparts.
  • M3 PRO Electric Trolley The brand new, compact-folding M3 PRO electric trolley borrows the twin-tube frame and three-point folding system made popular by the M1 PRO and developed to make the folded dimensions over 40% smaller than its S-Series counterparts.
  • S7 REMOTE Electric Trolley The first remote control model in the Motocaddy range boasts one of the trolley sector’s most sophisticated guidance systems, utilising two motors to provide a combination of power and precision, plus an anti-tip wheel to ensure stability on the most challenging golf course terrains.
  • Time to GO LITHIUM An increasing number of golfers are opting for a Lithium battery to power their electric trolley because, with a 5-year limited warranty, it provides a reliable and more cost-effective option than a Lead-acid alternative.
  • Video : How to fold your M-Series electric trolley This handy tutorial video shows you how to fold your M-Series electric trolley ready to hit the course.
  • Video : How to unfold your M-Series electric trolley This handy tutorial video shows you how to unfold your M-Series electric trolley ready to hit the course.